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As SocialCru continue to recruit across the UK, the one thing that we actioned before continuing to grow, was to listen to engineer desires. We understand that our vision isn't for everyone, but for those looking for long term progression, look no further...

Okay, what's included? 

Let's keep this simple because should the opportunity for an interview be available to you, we will go into more detail here...

What's on offer to qualified Smart Meter Engineers? 

- 18th Edition Up-Skilling

- Level 2 City and Guilds

- Domestic Test and Inspect (2392)

- Level 3 City and Guilds

- Commercial Test and Inspect (2391)

- NVQ Gold Status

When will I start the up-skill program?

On your first day of employment, you will receive a contract with a start date for the up-skilling. This will commence 6 months into employment when you have proven yourself in metering and character. 

What is the cost?

To you... £0.00

To us... £10,000

The value of this will be scaled down over the 3 years with some basic T&C's.

How long will it take? 

As long as you need but we are allowing up to 4 years. Some will do it in much less. Completion times will be down to your investment into learning around your metering responsibility. 90% of the course is completed from home on mobile or a PC. Bear in mind, our program is designed to entirely work around our Smart Metering responsibilities. 

What is the catch?

Well, our view is that there is zero catch, but for the purpose of complete transparency, here are some things that you may not have thought about...

- If you fail, then we really can't do too much about that but it won't affect your job with us. So far nobody has failed a module to date. The key is... Don't RUSH! 

- We justify the £10,000 outlay per person by having a sensible salary in metering. We know that there are some crazy short term opportunities out there. That's just not what we're about. We believe that our bonus is very achievable for you and allows financial security throughout the progression. 

- Selfishly, this opportunity is mutual. SocialCru already have over 1000 electrical contracts in place for long term future works. The reality is that we will need a team and this is our route to secure further long term electrical opportunities. 

How will I be a Smart Engineer and an Electrician? 

You won't. Our mid term priority and focus will always be Smart Metering, however, in the coming years and when the time is right, we will have a plan and timescale to flip into full electrical schedules.

What electrical work will you do? 

The reality of our opportunity, is that the future direction of our up-skilling is flexible. Although our personal interests are Commercial, we have several engineers that have expressed a desire to move towards Solar PV, EV Only, Domestic wiring, Testing, Heat Pumps, Commercial Battery Storage etc. We are committed to seek portfolio's of work that suit everybody individually. We already have a partner company, that will encompass all opportunities Nationwide and locally to you.


Contact us today on 0800 0496 212 or email  

Wind Turbines in an Open Field


For any enquiries, please email, fill out the following form or call 0800 0496 212

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Wind Turbines in an Open Field

Head Office - England

Cue House, Chapel Lane, Stockton Heath, Warrington, England, WA4 6LL

Head Office - Scotland

272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 4JR

Smart Meter Engineer 
Job Opportunities

We are always looking for quality Smart Meter Engineers to join our team. We have Nationwide opportunities. 

To apply, please send a cover letter together with your CV to

Jobs >>>

Wind Turbines in an open field.

Some of our work... 

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SocialCru Smart Metering Manchester - Reneker
SocialCru Smart Metering Manchester 3
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