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There's no better time to consider going green. Using renewable energy can be beneficial for your business as well as environmentally friendly.

Solar Farm / Battery Farm

Many land owners are seeking new revenue models for redundant land. Investing into a solar farm or battery storage business, allows a business owner to harness energy that can be sold back to the grid. Batteries allow energy to be bought off peak and stored for use at peak times. With the grid close to capacity, solar farms will define our future making them an attractive investment.

Commercial Solar & Battery Solution

Installing solar panels allows a business owner the opportunity to self-create energy. Battery storage is then used for the storage of the power produced and this then gives a business owner control of how and when to use this energy. This option reduces overall energy bills, allows businesses to increase infrastructure (eg. new machinery/EV upgrade), allows peak shaving (take the load from your businesses capacity by using self-generated power between certain times) and revenue generation by selling overproduced energy back to the grid.

Wind Turbines

Installing a wind turbine is an additional option to self-create energy. 

Click here for information on EV chargers.


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Smart Meter Engineer 
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We are always looking for quality Smart Meter Engineers to join our team. We have Nationwide opportunities. 

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