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SocialCru, the proven sub-contractor offering qualified and dedicated resource to your contract needs. 


Smart Metering SocialCru

Smart Metering & Connections

Helping save money and reduce emissions. Nationwide coverage. 

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SocialCru Energy Brokerage

Commercial Energy Sales 

Finding the best deal saving businesses money and time.

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Socialcru EV Charging

Renewables & Green Energy Advice

Helping everybody make to move to electric.

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Did you know that SocialCru can manage your EV portfolio remotely and offer

a complete service and maintenance package?

- Add and Remove Users / Tariff setting

- Fault finding and engineer callout

- Annual Servicing

- Monthly consumption reporting and more...


SocialCru EV Management Service
Smart metering, commercial and residential energy savings for the UK by SocialCru Renewables and Energy


SocialCru Renewables & Energy are a UK-based company that specialise in smart metering, commercial energy savings and renewables including EV Charging, Solar PV, Air Source Heat Pumps, Voltage Optimisation and more. 

With offices in Cheshire, Glasgow and North Wales, and engineers currently covering the Midlands, Shrewsbury, North West, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Durham, North Wales and the central belt of Scotland, we continue to develop and grow as opportunities come in.

SocialCru also own a partner company called Smart Electrical Works who operate as an electrical contractors offering all electrical resource requirements. All works are carried out by our own engineers that are skilled and qualified in all elements of work that we offer. 


We offer both residential and commercial solutions and over the past 5 years we have secured our reputation across the UK. 

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Energy Broker




Driving Energy Efficiency in the Public and Commercial Sectors with Comprehensive Solutions

At Smart Electrical Works, we specialise in delivering a wide array of services aimed at enhancing energy efficiency in the public and commercial sectors.


Our holistic approach encompasses various aspects of energy management and sustainability, offering comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of public and commercial organisations.

Harnessing Clean and Efficient Energy Sources

Cutting-Edge Renewable Energy Solutions
From solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to solar thermal systems, we empower you to harness clean and efficient energy sources.


Our expertise in renewable energy enables you to generate electricity and heat sustainably, reducing reliance on traditional energy sources and minimising environmental impact.

Advanced Heating and Cooling Technologies
With air source heat pumps (ASHPs) and ground source heat pumps (GSHPs), we provide advanced heating and cooling technologies that are highly energy-efficient.


These solutions offer optimal climate control while reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Energy Storage Systems
Our expertise extends to energy storage systems, enabling you to optimise energy usage, reduce reliance on the grid, and store surplus energy for high-demand periods.


This flexibility enhances energy efficiency and resilience in your operations.

Real-Time Insights for Informed Decisions Smart Energy Monitoring Services
Our solutions include smart energy monitoring services that provide real-time insights into your energy consumption patterns. By monitoring and analysing data, you gain valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions and maximise energy efficiency in your operations.

Driving a Greener Future
By partnering with Smart Electrical Works, you can drive sustainable energy practices, reduce costs, and contribute to a greener future in the public and commercial sectors. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to meet your unique energy efficiency goals and pave the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Solutions, Responsive Maintenance, and Trusted Partner for Sustainable Operations

At Smart Electrical Works, we specialise in delivering comprehensive energy efficiency solutions for the public and commercial sectors, aiming to optimise energy usage, reduce costs, and contribute to a sustainable future. Our range of services is designed to meet the unique requirements of organisations in these sectors.

Innovative Technologies for Energy Efficiency

  • Variable Speed Drive (VSD) Controls: Our expertise lies in implementing innovative technologies like VSD controls for air handling units (AHUs). These controls minimise energy waste, enhance energy efficiency, and improve indoor air quality.

  • LED Lighting Upgrades: Our LED lighting upgrades provide energy-efficient solutions, reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs while ensuring well-lit and environmentally friendly spaces.

Energy Review, Audits, and Proactive Optimisation

  • Energy Review and Audits: We offer energy reviews and audits to assess your current energy usage and provide strategic recommendations for optimising energy efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Proactive Energy Optimisation: Our proactive approach helps identify opportunities for energy optimisation and cost savings, enabling you to contribute to a sustainable future.

Responsive Maintenance for Reliable Operations

  • Reactive Maintenance: In addition to our energy efficiency solutions, we provide responsive maintenance services to address any issues promptly and ensure the smooth operation of your energy systems.

Facilitating the Transition to Cleaner Transportation

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure and Electrical Installations: We support the transition to cleaner transportation through our services encompassing electric vehicle charging infrastructure and electrical installations. Responsive maintenance services are also available to maintain the performance and reliability of these systems.

Transform Your Energy Practices for a Sustainable Future

Partnering with us allows you to transform your energy practices and embrace a more sustainable future. Our experts work closely with you to understand your unique requirements and develop customised solutions that maximise energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact.

Reliable and Trustworthy Service

We take pride in providing reliable and trustworthy service to our clients. With Smart Electrical Works, you can have confidence in our expertise, professionalism, and dedication to delivering exceptional results.

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Energy Review & Audits

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Battery Storage

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Energy Consumption

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Electrical Installations





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Head Office - England

Cue House, Chapel Lane, Stockton Heath,

Warrington, England, WA4 6LL

Head Office - Scotland

272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 4JR

Head Office - Wales

M-Sparc, Parc Gwyddoniaeth Menai, Ynys Mon. LL60 6AG

Smart Meter Engineer 
Job Opportunities

We are always looking for quality Smart Meter Engineers to join our team. We have Nationwide opportunities. 

To apply, please send a cover letter together with your CV to

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