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Leading the Revolution in Energy Efficiency and Sustainability

At Smart Electrical Works, we lead the way in revolutionising energy efficiency for the public and commercial sectors.


With remarkable technological advancements in these sectors, our cutting-edge energy storage solutions are highly sought after.


They enable buildings to capture electricity from diverse sources and store it for precise utilisation, offering unparalleled flexibility and control over energy consumption during peak demand periods.


Our systems offer a key advantage by allowing users to operate 'off-grid,' providing them with access to stored energy when needed the most.


As your trusted partner, we empower you to unlock the full potential of renewable energy, optimise efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance corporate sustainability. Join us in revolutionising energy efficiency for a sustainable future. 

Our solutions Provide a Range of Benefits

Cost Savings

Avoid costly transformer capacity upgrades, significantly reducing operational expenses

Increased Power Capacity

Gain 1MW of additional power capacity, potentially eliminating the need for grid augmentation for high capacity equipment.

Reliable Backup Power

Ensure uninterrupted operations during unforeseen outages, leveraging the advantage of operating "off-grid

Access to

Revenue Streams

Explore opportunities with Demand Side Response and Dynamic Containment contracts.

Intelligent Microgrids

Efficiently coordinate multiple power generation sources for optimal efficiency.


Backup Power

Utilize battery reserves for non-essential systems, subject to state of charge.

Stringent Safety Standards

Prioritize battery chemistry and employ low voltage units with lithium-ion cells for risk mitigation.

Enhanced Corporate Sustainability

Contribute to corporate responsibility goals by reducing carbon footprint and promoting environmentally-friendly practices.

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